Solec Sistemas is a company that emerged in 2006 focused on advanced supply chain planning consulting. Some of our consultants have 30+ years of experience in Supply Chain and mixed with younger people we provide expertise in state-of-the-art best practice processes, participating in large-scale projects in companies with complex networks.


The consulting history of the founders of Solec dates back to the 90’s, where they participated for the first time in SAP technology consulting with R/3 focused on logistics and manufacturing modules.

After successfully implementing SAP R/3 in various business sectors, in 2001 the company pioneered SAP APO technology in Latin America in large-scale projects, resulting in high-quality implementations, including optimization issues.

By 2008, the practice of process improvement based on APICS and IBF practices, among others, is integrated. Assessments, courses, and redesign of logistic, planning, control and execution processes were carried out

In 2010, our partnership with Oracle began for supply chain issues, covering not only demand and supply planning, but also warehouse control (WM) and transportation planning and execution (OTM). An internal area is developed for interfaces and developments in OIC, ODI and APEX.

All Oracle practices have the EXPERTISE, which is awarded to partners who have achieved the certification processes and who have favorable customer satisfaction surveys and success stories.

In recent years, proprietary solutions have been developed for specific supply chain issues such as: inventory policy, optimization solutions, DRP with fare sharing, cubage of imported materials, among others.


Oracle Cloud Platform Integration

Competence to implement Oracle Cloud Platform Integration.

Supply Chain Planning

Better results in less time, planning the end-to-end supply chain in the cloud.

Transportation and Global Trade Management

Transportation Planning, Execution and Control.

Warehouse Management

Transforming warehouse operations to meet the challenges of today’s demand…

Go Lives SCM en Fiscal Year 2023

Designing and preparing the ideal plan, applying the configuration properly

Oracle Next Education

ONE is a free educational, inclusion and employability

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