At SOLEC we are experts in development and reengineering of planning processes for Supply Chain, achieving a planning implementation based on the industry’s best practices, achieving a transformation of customer processes.

SOLEC has managed projects from simple planning scopes in a distribution center without manufacturing to multi-country planning with several manufacturing plants and several distribution center networks.

What we do?

We perform an integral diagnosis of your company that involves processes, human capital and technology, fundamental factors for the implementation of a successful planning.

We help you establish the implementation phases to achieve a safe, orderly, and feasible implementation.

SOLEC can take care of the punctual or total support after the production go live.

We have the best project management.

SOLEC becomes a strategic partner for several long-term projects.


No own infrastructure is required as it is a cloud-based system, which means savings in installation, maintenance and updating of own servers.

“Retail Fácil” is offered as a subscription or purchase solution.

Consta de una solución estándar pero susceptible de algún ajuste a la medida en casoIt consists of a standard solution but can be customized if ser necesario.

It is easy to integrate with any ERP.

Its flexibility makes it possible to grow and adapt as your business grows.

Developed on an Oracle APEX environment and executed on an Oracle database to provide maximum levels of security and performance.

Comprehensive process after primary replenishment planning

Comprehensive process after primary replenishment planning

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