At SOLEC we are not only dedicated to the implementation of Oracle Planning Cloud, we also previously conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of your company involving processes, human capital and technology, fundamental factors to conduct a successful planning implementation.

At SOLEC we are experts in development and reengineering of planning processes for supply chain, managing to implement OPC based on the best practices in the industry, achieving a successful transformation of your processes.


SOLEC has managed projects from simple planning scopes in a distribution center without manufacturing to multi-country planning, with multiple manufacturing plants and several distribution center networks.

Solec has managed projects ranging from simple planning scopes in a non-manufacturing distribution center to planning in a single distribution center with no manufacturing to multi-country planning, with several manufacturing plants and several distribution center networks.

We have the best project management ensuring the successful completion on time and on budget.

We help you to establish the implementation phases to achieve a safe, orderly, and feasible way.

Solec can take care of the punctual or total support after go-live. Solec becomes a strategic partner for several long-term projects.

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It does not require its own infrastructure since it is a cloud-based system, which means savings in installation, maintenance, and server’s updating.

The quarterly releases make it possible for supply chain planning to always have the industry’s improvements and new functionalities with no additional cost.

It is easy to integrate with any ERP.

Its flexibility makes it possible to grow and adapt as the business grows.

Maintenance-free, with quarterly updates including functional improvements and new functionalities previously testes by Oracle’s research and Development team.

Named by Gartner in 2023 in the “Leaders” quadrant for its ability to execute and focus.

GSE Vision Production Plan

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